Human rights Journals list

Human rights Journals included in the Scopus SJR Scimago Index:

Human Rights Quaterly, Jonh Hopkins Univerisity Press,  SJR 2019 Q2

Human rights Law Review, Oxford University Press, SJR 2020 Q1

International Journal Human rights, Routledge, SJR 2020 Q2

Journal of Human Rights Practice, Oxford University Press, SJR 2020 Q2

Human Rights Review, Netherlands, SJR 2020 Q2

Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights, SJR 2020 Q3

Australian Journal of Human Rights, SJR 2020 Q3

South African Journal on Human Rights Taylor and Francis Ltd. SJR 2020 Q4Muslim World Journal of Human Rights Muslim SJR 2020 Q4

Law and Ethics of Human Rights, Walter de Gruyter GmbH , Germany SJR 2020 Q3

Asia-Pacific Journal on Human Rights and the Law Martinus Nijhoff Publishers Netherlands SJR 2019 Q4

Business and Human Rights Journal SJR 2020 Q1

Religion and Human Rights Martinus Nijhoff Publishers Netherlands SJR 2019 Q4

International Studies in Human Rights Brill Academic Publishers  SJR 2019 Q4

Nordic Journal of Human Rights, Taylor and Francis Ltd., SJR 2020 Q3

International Human Rights Law Review, Brill Academic Publishers,  SJR 2020 Q4

Studies in Intercultural Human Rights Brill Academic Publishers, SJR 2020 Q4

New York Law School journal of human rights SJR 2020 Q4

Age of Human Rights Journal, SJR 2020 Q4

European human rights law review

Refugees and Human Rights, Brill Academic Publishers 

Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Brill Academic Publishers 

Nottingham Studies on Human Rights

Columbia human rights law review

Cuadernos Electronicos de Filosofia del Derecho University of Valencia, Human Rights Institute 

Human Rights, Mofid University – center for Human Rights Studies